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The Back Story
For those who are new here the theme of this blog is to record the many anecdotal back stories I encountered while researching the book about Norvel Lee.  If you will scroll down to the last page of the blog and work your way up you can catch up to what preceded this most recent post.

R.I.P. Chadwick Boseman


This latest post pays tribute to the great actor and humanitarian Chadwick Boseman who died of cancer this past Friday at the age of 43.  Like Norvel he was a graduate of Howard University.  Although they were five decades apart they share the honor of being Howard alumni who went on to doing good in the larger world.  Plus, in my mind, Boseman would have been perfect for the lead role in a movie about Norvel Lee.  


The link below is a 35 minute video of the 2018 commencement address Boseman gave at Howard University. Please set aside the time to watch the entire video.  It's very inspirational.  And listen as he talks of his brief encounter with Mohammad Ali. 


Chadwick Boseman - 2018 Commencement Address at Howard University

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