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NORVEL: An American Hero available in print and Kindle editions

The inspirational true story of an unsung hero

"Conklin bases his well-realized historical novel on Black AAU heavyweight champion Norvel Lee. The author's depth of research is apparent in the detailed chronicle of Lee's life, . . . The author displays a deep understanding of his lead character's biography, and provides convincing exploration of his life circumstances, from his segregated childhood to his WWII service; his development as an athlete; and his civil disobedience in the face of Jim Crow laws." The BookLife Prize

Raised in rural Virginia during the time of jim crow Norvel Lee went on to become a Tuskegee Airman and Olympic champion.  While those achievements were spectacular they are not all he accomplished during his remarkable life.


NORVEL is available in hardcover and Kindle ebook.   Click on on one of the links below to get your copy.  


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